🌀 Circular menus in the Unity Editor

Adding a circular menu to the Unity Editor.

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This weekend I was working in Blender and noticed their easy to use circular menu. By pressing a button, the menu appears and then by pointing your mouse in a direction, you can select one of the options.

Pie menu in Blender.
Pie menu in Blender.

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Using UI Toolkit and the new Vector API I added a circular menu to the Unity Editor. I hooked it up to my scene view debug views which allows me to quickly switch between views.

The circular menu has the following features

  • nested radial menus
  • a label showing the current 'directory'
  • a mouse angle indicator
  • hover highlights

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The code for this was inspired by BennyKok's original prototype. A big thank you to them for sharing their original code. You can find the code that I used for my circular menu here.


⚠️ Use this code at your own risk! It was quickly thrown together, is a bit messy and may contain bugs.

The gist contains 3 scripts

You can add a method to the circular menu simply by using the following method attribute and specifying a path and an icon.

[CircularMenu(Path = "Debug Views/Normals", Icon = "d_DirectionalLight Icon")]
public static void ShowDebugNormals()

That's all! Now that I am using this circular menu in my own project I will probably continue iterating on it and updating the gists as well.