⏳ Shader tutorials in 60 seconds

Short and sweet shader tutorials.

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In the first few months of 2020 I created three 60-second shader tutorials. These tutorials were meant to be quick, to-the-point and dense in information.

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A simple but effective water shader that creates an interesting stylized look. The shader uses the depth buffer for coloring and generating foam. Refraction is added by distorting the used UVs.

The model of the castle was created by mStuff on Sketchfab.

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A basic toon shader with a color gradient and hard specular lighting. A Blinn-Phong lighting model is used for the specular shading.

The model of the Shiba Inu was created by Ida Fabere on Sketchfab.

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A retro pixelation effect that also includes some scanlines. A low resolution render texture is used for the pixelation and a full-screen shader is used for the post-processing effects.

The model of the subway was created by Luc Miramont on Sketchfab.

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All 3 shaders can be downloaded below as Unity packages.