☀️ June 2023

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In June I went on holiday and I worked on another project (my path tracer [link]). That's why for this month I don't have much progress. However, I did rework how the sectioning works. I also started creating a 3D interior scene. During the creation of this scene, I found that my section data was getting invalidated often which forced me to re-assign the vertex colors. That's why I will now focus on getting this section data fixed so I can use it confidently.

I also want to get a specific milestone done on the path tracing project, so until the beginning of July I will probably work on that. The goal for this project is to have a small scene done by the end of the year that shows off some gameplay elements.

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I started working on an initial scene for the game. It is good as a test for my skills and my outlining tech, but there still is a long way to go. Making this scene also made me realize that I really need to be able to define my art style. Otherwise it will not stand out at all.