🎨 February 2023

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I feel bad that it has been almost a year since my previous short devlog. I did work on the project since then. Mostly work related the outlining render system that I want to set up.

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As you may (not) know, I render outlines in my project by making use of what I call a Sectioning Texture. Here is an example of what such a texture looks like.

Stylized water reflections.

I want to be able to author this texture as easily and automatically as possible. I have created a few tools for this.

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The first tool was made to automatically assign a vertex color to triangles of an object. This is done by the Section Marker tool I created. It does this by checking which triangles form an island with should receive the same color. This is done based on the orientation of the triangles. Here is the tool in action.

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Next, I found that I wanted to create finer detail within the sectioning texture. Instead of using only vertex colors, I created the Section Painter tool which allows me to paint the sectioning texture right onto a mesh. Here is the tool in action.

Right now the outlines that the painter generates are a bit jagged and too thick but this will be fixed later.

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Other than working on tooling for the sectioning and outlining pipeline, I also worked on just some general game systems and plumbing as a preparation for creating real gameplay systems. This includes things such as:

All of these are implemented in a very basic way for now but I just wanted to get a basic version started. I also read a lot of articles about game architecture in Unity (design patterns, singletons, scriptable objects etc.).

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I updated my website this month and removed a whole ton of crap. These devlogs can be found on the website already but I am not linking publicly to them for now. I am hoping to write one of these every month containing the things I worked on during the previous 30 days. Eventually I think I might make a devlogs section on the website so that people can more easily find and read them but for now I like them to be semi-private.