🖍️ April 2023

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This month I reworked the SDF generation for my Section Painter tool. The generated SDF now exactly matches the painted source texture in size which was not the case before. This greatly improves the robustness of the section paint texture.

Source texture (2048x2048).
Source (2048x2048).
SDF texture (128x128).
SDF texture (128x128)
Sampled SDF.
Sampled SDF.

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Before going further with the scene I wanted to make some improvements to the base shader, which will be used for most objects. So this month, I added the following features.

  • added support to receive/cast shadows
  • added support for the lit/shaded transition to be more noisy

I will refine the base shader further in the future.

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This month I was not able to work as focused on some things like I hoped. My outlining systems got better but I would like to start creating some real scenes and art, so I will be tackling that next month.