🚙 May 2023

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I've been working on the sectioning/outlining systems for a while now but I feel like I need to actually start creating some art. So that's what I did! The goal for this month was to create a single asset and make it look nice.

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Creating an asset proved to be more difficult than I thought, because I had to learn the basics of 3D modeling, UV unwrapping and texturing. I had never done any of these before and so this process was quite challenging. Using a few tutorials, I was able to create this model of a jeep. and rendered it inside of Unity using my outlining tools.

Jeep in Blender.
Jeep in Blender.
Jeep in Unity.
Jeep in Unity.

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To also make it a bit more interesting gameplay-wise, I wrote a car controller from scratch and added it to the car.

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During the process of working on this jeep, I made many improvements to the section marker/surface ID mapper that I use in my outlining workflow. It is now faster, more stable, and easier to generate.

Surface ID mapper.

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During the process of making the jeep model, I got anxious because it took a long time to make the model. If every asset in my game would take so long to make, I would never finish. That's why I have now severely reduced the scope compared to what I initially had in mind. I will focus on a small level first with some of the game mechanics that I have planned fleshed out and polished. Then I'll see where I will go from there. I really need to get started working on actual content, levels and areas that the game will take place in.

Next month I'll be working on that first level!