🌻 May 2022

1 minute read

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Since I got a new laptop, I found the motivation to start working on my game project again. I have rough ideas for what the project should be but most important of all, I just want to get started with something. The first goal is to figure out a good rendering workflow for my outlined, hand-drawn rendering.

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I worked on an initial version of my base stylized shader. I will probably use it for most objects in the scene that do not require any special rendering or effects.

The shader is a fairly advanced toon shader, and it checks all the boxes. It supports multiple lights and has intuitive controls through a custom UI. It is created in shadergraph because I think a node-based tool lends it very well for creating stylized toon shaders.

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I ported over my existing outline system to my new project. It is in a working state but it still needs a lot of work and new features before I can efficiently use it in a content-creation pipeline.

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One new thing I added was a better debug view for the outline system. Since the outline system consists of several 'steps' within the pipeline, it makes sense to be able to debug these.

The new debug viewer use the editor overlay system in Unity.